Alesha Walker

Analyst Service Delivery

If you're moving cars by truck, Alesha likely managed your move: she supports our Operations team by managing all of our direct truck moves.

Although Alesha's focus is now on trucks, she came to ShipCarsNow(Now Loup) with a hearty rail background, including serving as a Logistics Services Representative for UP subsidiary UPDS, where she managed the movement of auto parts, intermodal containers, industrial products and agricultural products.

Alesha's first car was a 1997 Saturn loaned to her by her parents to drive to and from college. One day, after parking the car in a public lot, she returned from class to find the vehicle had been stolen. Little did the thieves know, but along with the car, they also nabbed a prematurely deceased pet hamster Alesha had planned to return to the pet store after class. She eventually got the car back, but her CDs — and the shoebox containing the hamster — were nowhere to be found.