Mike Koehler

Director Service Delivery

Mike is all about delivering service. As the leader of the procurement, operations and customer service teams, he ensures every order is executed with care, while also finding ways to improve the services Loup provides. Mike loves how a small decision can make a big difference for a customer, especially in a small, entrepreneurial company like Loup.

Mike enjoys delivering a positive experience for Loup customers every day, and his past experience has equipped him well to do just that. He holds a bachelor’s degree in operations management from Grove City College and a master’s degree in materials and logistics management from Michigan State University. Mike has more than 18 years of experience in his field, including more than 14 years of automotive marketing and sales experience with ShipCarsNow(Now Loup), UPDS and parent company Union Pacific Railroad, managing business for OEM accounts like Chrysler, Honda and Nissan, along with many tier suppliers.

When Mike isn’t making life easier for customers, he can be spotted out on the town with his family at museums, sporting events, concerts and more.