Peter Decher


Strategy is at the core of Pete's role as President of ShipCarsNow. He sets the direction for the company and keeps the team focused on enhancing customer value even through changing market conditions. His goal: to ensure the needs of all Loup stakeholders are met.

Pete isn't new to ShipCarsNow(Now Loup). In fact, he served as the company's director of operations from 2009 to 2012. He also isn't new to the automotive and logistics industries; he holds a bachelor's degree in logistics management and marketing from Central Michigan University, has led fellow Union Pacific subsidiary Insight Network Logistics, and has performed key roles on the Union Pacific Automotive team.

Today, Pete thrives on the entrepreneurial nature of our business, which motivates us to drive innovation, maintain an intense customer focus, and keep a keen eye on managing expenses. He also appreciates how, as the subsidiary of Union Pacific, our rail knowledge runs deep, allowing us to bring valuable rail solutions to our customers.

As a native of the Motor City, it's no surprise Pete has an affinity for cars. He hopes to own a mid-60s Pontiac GTO someday. Until then, he'll continue to spend time with his wife and two kids — and of course root for Detroit sports teams.