Car Haulers

Part of our team.

Our car-hauling network is essential to providing great service to our customers and keeping our commitment to safety. Loup has built strong relationships with reliable auto shippers across the United States. Working with safe, dependable and trustworthy car haulers helps ensure our customers are satisfied with every shipment. Loup views rail and truck carriers as part of our team — together, we work to meet our customers’ time, cost and quality requirements.

Car Haulers Wanted

Are you interested in becoming part of our carrier team? Start by reviewing our Carrier Agreement, then register to be a carrier for Loup. Once you’ve completed registration, we’ll contact you regarding your capabilities and service area.

Event Reporting Requirements

Shipment quality, efficiency and timeliness are important to our customers, so Loup requires car haulers to report all shipment events. Carriers can report events via Electronic Data Interface (EDI), online, fax, interactive voice recording (IVR), email or via mobile app.

You should transmit timely notification of pick-up and delivery events, which include location, date and time, as well as a completed Proof of Delivery (POD) form. A completed POD form is required for payment of invoices.

Expand Your Trucking Business

Do you have more business than you can handle, or do your customers need longer distance shipping beyond your normal capacity? You don’t have to turn it away. Team up with Loup — we’ll handle the long haul by rail and you’ll keep the business. Give us a call at 866-207-3360 to learn more about how Loup can help you expand your business.