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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of vehicles do you ship?

    Loup transports new and used drivable passenger vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, pick-up trucks, mini-vans and cargo vans. We also provide car hauling services for retrofitted, commercial and oversized vehicles.

  • Do you ship personally owned vehicles?

    Loup no longer ships personal vehicles. However, we have teamed up with Ready Auto Transport to provide door-to-door auto transport services in the continental United States. Get a firm, instant quote from Ready Auto Transport: Call 480-558-3200 extension 11134.

  • Do you ship vehicles for auto dealers?

    We're experts at moving large quantities of vehicles efficiently using multi-modal auto transport by rail and truck. If you are an auto dealer shipping 10 or more cars at a time, find your sales rep and we’ll design a solution to fit your needs. If you need to ship smaller quantities of cars, we’ve teamed up with Ready Auto Transport to provide auto dealer shipping. Call Ready Auto Transport for a free quote at 480-558-3200 extension 11134.

  • Where do you ship?

    Loup can ship cars to most U.S. locations. Our nationwide truck and rail car hauler network includes thousands of trucks and major railroads across the U.S. to provide the service our customers need.

  • How long does it take to ship cars?

    Transit time is dependent on a number of factors, such as origin and destination location, available carrier capacity, type and quantity of vehicles in your shipment, seasonality, etc. When you place an order, your sales representative will provide an estimated time of arrival, along with a tracking link for online updates.

  • How do you handle long distance vehicle shipments?

    Loup can use multi-modal truck, rail and driveaway services to meet your car hauling needs. Our logistics experts evaluate which car hauling options meet your shipping budget and time requirements, then recommend the best solution. We're experts at moving large quantities of vehicles efficiently to make an auction date or to distribute a fleet to multiple business locations.

  • Is it complicated to ship cars by rail?

    No — it's as simple as one call to Loup. We make it easy to ship a car by rail. Loup coordinates the entire move from door to door, including local pick-up, enclosed auto transport by rail and final delivery. Shipment status and ETA are available 24/7 when you log on to, and our operations team monitors every step of the process to ensure reliable, quality delivery.

  • Is rail dependable?

    Yes. More than 70% of all new vehicles sold in North America move to market by rail, and more than 99% arrive damage-free. Loup makes using rail easy by managing the entire process from pick-up to delivery. We provide online tracking of your shipments and realistic ETAs that enable you to manage your business more effectively. Customers should recognize that using multiple transportation modes to move a vehicle (i.e. truck and rail) may take longer than moving a shipment truck-direct, but the savings can be significant and more than compensate for the added transit time.

  • How many vehicles do I need to ship?

    Shipping a full truck or rail car load often yields the best pricing. However, in many lanes, we have the ability to provide you the full-load discount for smaller shipments. Although Loup specializes in large volume shipments, we’re dedicated to offering affordable auto transport services that fit your unique requirements. Contact your rep to get started.

    If you have repetitive business volume or other specific auto transport requirements, contact a sales rep.

  • Do you ship electric and alternative fuel vehicles?

    Loup provides manufacturer-specific shipping instructions to our carriers, which contain details and specifications required by the OEM for safe and damage-free transport.

    The following are helpful guidelines when shipping alt fuel and electric vehicles:

    • Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Ensure vehicle fuel tank is filled with the alternative fuel up to the normal shipping amount allowed (generally 1/4 tank).

    • Electric Vehicles: Electric vehicles should be fully charged prior to origin pick up or drop off, and set in OEM-specific transport mode. Charging equipment that remains with the vehicle must always be present, or our carriers will not pick up the vehicle. For example, the Nissan Leaf is required to have the cord in the vehicle in plain sight.

      Loup may charge accessorial fees if a vehicle loses its charge during transport and no charging cord was included, or if the vehicle is shipped to a location that is not equipped with charging equipment. Please discuss this with your sales rep prior to shipping electric vehicles.

  • How do you handle shipment tracking?

    After placing an order, customers may request a tracking link from their sales rep. The tracking link provides current shipment status and updated ETA on Following log in, shipments can also be traced by Order Number, VIN or Customer Reference Number through the “search” function. If you have additional questions or concerns about your shipment, contact us.

  • What payment options are available?

    Loup offers several payment options, including ACH debit, business credit, third-party billing to an auction or payment service, and credit card (on a limited basis). Credit is established during Customer Registration. If credit is approved, we will invoice you in accordance with the agreed upon rates and terms. Payment terms are typically 15 days following the date of invoice. Additional details are included in the Shipper Agreement. Please send questions regarding invoices and payments to

  • If a vehicle gets damaged, who is liable?

    Our goal is to ship your cars on time and damage free. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, you only have to make one call to Loup.

    Loup is a federally licensed transportation broker, arranging and coordinating auto transport on your behalf with quality, insured car haulers. Ultimately, the motor carrier, railroad or driveaway service provider contracted by Loup is responsible for any damage caused by their handling of your vehicles, subject to certain limitations. We will work to resolve your claim equitably and seek recovery against any carrier who may have caused damage.

    All licensed car haulers are required by federal law and Loup to maintain a minimum level of cargo damage liability insurance, but their insurance coverage may be subject to certain maximum liability limitations. Loup requires our truck carriers to provide proof of insurance issued by a licensed insurance provider. Limits of insurance must be equal to the greater of the replacement cost of the freight being transported or $250,000 for any one occurrence in addition to cargo insurance required by applicable state or federal laws and must cover all risk of loss and damage to property of others in Contractor's care, custody and control. The liability coverage of railroad carriers utilized by Loup will vary based on each such carrier’s public tariffs or private documents, as applicable.

    Loup has established processes to ensure that only reputable and insured car haulers handle your automobiles. For more details, please refer to the Loup Shipper Agreement and the Claims and Inspection Management Manual. If you have specific concerns or questions about cargo liability for your shipments, call us at 866-207-3360 or email us at, and reference the subject "liability."

  • How do I file a damage claim?

    Before signing for the receipt of vehicles, the person receiving vehicles should immediately and thoroughly inspect them and note any damage that may be transportation related on the Proof-of-Delivery ("POD") or Bill of Lading form presented by the car hauler. This process ensures the car hauler acknowledges the damage. You must then notify Loup within two business days of the discovered transportation loss or damage, and we will file a claim with the responsible car hauler on your behalf. It is very difficult to prove that damage to a vehicle occurred during transport when there is no record of any damage noted at time of delivery. Given adequate proof of transportation-related damage, Loup will seek to resolve your claim in a prompt and equitable manner to recover compensation from the carrier or carriers involved. For additional details, please reference Loup's Shipper Agreement, email or contact us with your questions.

  • What services do you provide beyond auto transport?

    As a full-service logistics company, Loup provides complementary services in addition to multi-modal transportation. Services that we offer include marshaling, dealer pick-up, inspections, route optimization, OEM rail extension services and more. Please contact your sales rep to discuss your needs and allow us to put a package together for you.

  • What makes you different from other auto transport companies?

    Our access to the nation’s rail network makes Loup unique in the industry. Using a strategic combination of rail, truck and driveaway service, we build transportation solutions to better meet your needs. As a subsidiary of Union Pacific Railroad, the largest automotive transportation provider in the nation, we share our vast knowledge of shipping cars by rail with our customers. With just a single phone call, you get all the benefits of rail with no additional effort. Our team of experts brings with them both extensive railroad knowledge and experience in the trucking industry to provide superior multi-modal solutions. With the agility of a small company and the technology and support of our Fortune 200 parent company, we provide the most unique and adaptable logistics solutions in the industry. Contact us today.

  • How do you know so much about shipping by rail?

    Our parent company, Union Pacific Railroad, has been shipping vehicles by rail for more than 100 years, and today still ships more than 70% of the new vehicles in the U.S. Over this long history, Union Pacific has developed technology and gained expertise that Loup leverages to find ways rail can best meet our customers’ needs.

  • Why don’t other auto transport companies ship by rail?

    While auto manufacturers have been moving cars to market by rail for years, shipping by rail is a newer concept in the automotive remarketing industry. Off-lease or off-fleet vehicles are generally more time sensitive, making truck transport the historic mode of choice. Truck transport is familiar and comfortable to most remarketers and has served them well in the past. However, all processes have opportunities for improvement and advancement, which is where rail comes in. Rail is the most economical and widely used way to transport new vehicles, and Loup is helping to share this beneficial option with remarketers. We strive to provide multiple transport options to meet our customers’ needs. If rail is the right fit, we can provide a rail-only solution, or bundle it with truck in a seamless, door-to-door service. Rail provides economies of scale, many times allowing almost 50% more vehicles to be loaded in a single rail car when compared to a truck. These economies of scale can also result in up to a 20% cost savings over traditional trucking. Learn more about direct truck vs. rail.

  • What is multi-modal auto transport?

    With multi-modal auto transport, cars are moved using a combination of shipping modes, including rail, truck and driveaway. Multi-modal shipping is a cost effective way to move volumes of vehicles longer distances in order to reach more markets without increasing transportation cost or sacrificing profits. Loup makes auto transport easy by bundling the most effective modes into a single, seamless solution.

  • What’s the difference between direct truck and rail?

    Direct truck has been the most common means of shipping wholesale cars. It can be the fastest mode of transport, but can also be the most expensive.

    Rail, on the other hand, is the most common means of shipping new cars. This mode is becoming more popular with wholesale vehicle shippers because transporting large volumes by rail can offer cost savings that more traditional truck options can’t match.

    Loup frequently leverages multi-modal truck and rail shipping so we can meet our customers’ cost and capacity requirements.

  • Do you provide new car services?

    Yes. Loup provides a variety of logistics services for new car shippers. We offer services such as storage, dispatching, metering at rail ramps to improve throughput, truck shuttles, contingency planning and more. Our unique access to the nation’s rail network coupled with our team of seasoned experts provides auto manufacturers with more opportunities to improve new vehicle logistics. Loup provides flexible shipping solutions to meet OEM shipping needs.