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Note: Content published prior to the Loup merger on November 1, 2017, appears under the ShipCarsNow brand.

Multi-Modal Transport 101

Released November 1, 2017 Article

Are you a vehicle remarketer with volumes of vehicles to move long distances? Do you wish you could reach more markets without increasing transportation costs or sacrificing profits? If so, multi-modal auto transport may be the solution you’re looking for. Read More »

Ready to Launch: Electronic Proof of Delivery App

Released October 27, 2016 Article

ShipCarsNow is getting ready to launch our new mobile app for Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD). The app will enhance inventory visibility by making it easy for our carriers to report timely pick-up and delivery events. The app also allows carriers to upload inspection information and photos to verify shipment quality. Read More »

We're Getting Ready for Ski Season — Are You?

Released October 25, 2016 Article

It's that time of year again, when ski resorts and rental car companies start preparing for the start of ski season. Meteorologists predict above-normal snowfall in the Northwestern and Northeastern United States this year... Read More »

Insights from the Forum

Released September 14, 2016 Article

In July, ShipCarsNow invited a cross section of industry analysts, customers and suppliers to discuss current industry challenges and brainstorm strategies for addressing them. Timely remarketing and vehicle value retention emerged as the top issues. How can we improve in those areas? Here's an insider's view of the discussion. Read More »

Save up to 25% with Marshaling Services in the Northeast

Released September 14, 2016 Article

The volume of off-lease vehicles in the Northeastern U.S. is forecasted to rise significantly in 2017 and 2018. Many remarketing groups are moving these vehicles to demand markets in the Midwest and other less saturated areas. To help our customers take advantage of the efficiency and cost savings of rail transport, ShipCarsNow offers marshaling at Port Newark, New Jersey, with outbound transportation to various auctions across the country. Read More »

ShipCarsNow Customer Forum Featured in Auto Remarketing

Released August 25, 2016 Article

ShipCarsNow recently held its annual Customer Forum, a gathering of industry analysts, ShipCarsNow customers and suppliers, to discuss current industry challenges and brainstorm strategies. Following the forum, Jim DesRochers, vice president, Dealers Auto Auction of the Southwest, shared his thoughts in Auto Remarketing magazine on attending. His article, "The value of partnerships & personal relationships," describes his experiences and unveils some of the hot topics at the forum. Read More »

A Business Case for Co-loading

Released July 5, 2016 Article

ShipCarsNow has been working with a variety of customers and suppliers to create an efficient co‑loading operation from the Northeast to the Midwest. Co-loading involves combining shipments from multiple customers onto a single rail car bound for a specific destination market. Once the vehicles arrive at the rail ramp, they are trucked to their final destinations. Read More »

We're Celebrating 500,000 VINs!

Released April 27, 2016 Article

We're excited to announce ShipCarsNow recently reached a major milestone: shipping our 500,000th vehicle! In honor of this achievement, we'd like to take a look back at where we came from — and where we're going. Read More »

No One Likes Claims — Here's How to Avoid Them

Released April 27, 2016 Article

No one wants to have a vehicle arrive damaged — or be held responsible for repair costs. Whether you're making a claim or paying one, claims simply aren't any fun. Read More »

Peter Decher Named President of ShipCarsNow, Inc.

Released March 21, 2016 Article

Omaha, Neb. March 21, 2016 — Union Pacific recently named Peter Decher president of ShipCarsNow, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Union Pacific Railroad. Decher succeeds Martin Coalson who retired after a 37-year Union Pacific career. Read More »

Helping the Hungry

Released March 10, 2016 Article

Recently, the ShipCarsNow team got together to do some very important work: volunteering at the Food Bank for the Heartland. As part of our annual staff meeting, ShipCarsNow employees donated their time to assemble backpacks of healthy food to give to children in need across Nebraska and western Iowa. Read More »

Preparing for Winter Auto Transport

Released December 29, 2015 Article

Winter weather can make transporting your vehicles difficult when snow and icy conditions slow or close roadways. That's where rail comes to the rescue. Using rail transport can often reduce roadway weather delays and provides fully enclosed transport to protect your vehicles from the elements and road debris. Read More »

What Happens at a Rail Ramp?

What You Always Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

Released October 14, 2015 Article

If you already ship cars by train, you know benefits abound: it's safe, reliable and more affordable for long-distance moves. But whether you're new to rail or an old pro, what actually happens at an auto ramp might seem a little confusing. We answer your commonly asked questions and take the mystery out of rail ramps. Read More »

Insights From the Forum — Part Two

How to Profit by Investing in Data Analytics and Transport

Released October 14, 2015 Article

What does data have to do with automotive remarketing? A lot, says Nancy Hill, Manheim Customer Consulting. In fact, Hill says firms that adopt data-driven decisions increase output and productivity by 5-6%. Read More »

Ship Farther More Affordably With Co-Load Opportunities

Released August 27, 2015 Article

Wouldn't it be nice if every vehicle shipment fit conveniently into full rail cars? No empty spaces, just packed auto racks and an economical full-load rate.

That would be great, but we all know it's not a reality. The number of units you ship fluctuates, and sometimes that means less than a full load. But here's something you might not know: with co-loading, in certain lanes you can still get a full load rate even for those smaller shipments. That means you can continue to leverage rail to ship farther, more affordably. Read More »

Insights From the Forum — Part One

How Growing Wholesale Supplies and Retail Demand Trends Will Drive Transportation Needs

Released August 27, 2015 Article

By the looks of it, growth is ahead for remarketed vehicle volumes. According to Tom Webb, Chief Economist for Cox Automotive, all indicators point to further growth in off-lease volumes beyond 2018, from under 5 million in 2012 to more than 8 million in 2020. The off-lease return rate is predicted to increase 72 percent (847,000 units) between 2015 and 2020, and off-rental rates will also experience growth of 14 percent (107,000 units) in that same time frame. Read More »

ShipCarsNow Has a New Look!

Released July 24, 2015 Article

ShipCarsNow has some exciting news: We've got a new look and feel! Our "wheel in motion" logo as well as our new tagline — Forward-Thinking Auto Transport — embody our goal to provide new and innovative automotive logistics solutions for our customers. Forward-Thinking Auto Transport is more than just a slogan; it is our guiding philosophy. We provide a fresh, collaborative approach to moving your cars to market. Read More »

What Is Multi-Modal?

Released July 24, 2015 Article

At ShipCarsNow, we're not locked into a single mode of auto transport. Like other auto transport providers, we ship cars by truck. But we move them by train and driveaway, too — and that's what makes us different. We like having options, because it means we can craft just the right solution to meet our customers' needs. Read More »

ShipCarsNow and Ready Auto Transport Join Forces to Provide Multi-Modal Logistics Solutions for Auto Shippers

Released May 7, 2015 Press Release

Omaha, Neb. May 7, 2015 — As remarketed and new car volumes continue to climb and industry demand for transportation continues to exceed carrier availability, ShipCarsNow and Ready Auto Transport are joining forces to provide multi-modal transportation to auto shippers. Read More »

ShipCarsNow Expands Service to Help Large-Volume Commercial Auto Shippers Realize Cost Savings and Efficiency Gains

Released March 17, 2015 Press Release

Omaha, Neb. March 17, 2015 — ShipCarsNow is expanding auto transport services for large-volume commercial auto shippers that help customers save costs and achieve efficiency gains through additional co-load opportunities, shared marshaling facilities and new transport hubs. Through its unique ability to leverage the nation's truck and rail networks, ShipCarsNow is extending customers' market reach. Read More »

Can Rail Be the Right Solution for Remarketers?

Released December 1, 2014 Article

Here's a little-known fact: the vast majority of new vehicles are transported by rail. When cars come off the line at the plant — or arrive at a port, as is the case for imports — they are hauled via enclosed rail cars to rail terminals. Trains are responsible for the long haul, then trucks handle the short trip from rail terminal to local dealerships. The car you drove to work today? It likely spent some time on a rail car. Read More »

ShipCarsNow Employees Help Hungry Children

Released April 17, 2014 Press Release

Omaha, Neb. April 17, 2014 — ShipCarsNow employees recently participated in a group volunteer project benefitting Food Bank for the Heartland's BackPack Program. Food Bank's BackPack Program provides food for 8,361 children deemed chronically hungry. Each backpack provides two breakfasts and two lunches or dinners to bridge the gap between school meals, such as weekends or school vacations. With hunger affecting one in five children in Nebraska and western Iowa, the Food Bank's BackPack program fills a need. Read More »

ShipCarsNow Receives 2013 Better Business Bureau Integrity Award

Released October 11, 2013 Press Release

Omaha, Neb. October 11, 2013 — ShipCarsNow was awarded the 2013 Better Business Bureau (BBB) Integrity Award for its ethical business practices with customers, employees and communities. "The ShipCarsNow team is honored to be a BBB Integrity Award winner. As the only provider of nationwide, multi-modal auto transport, we are dedicated to doing what's right for cars and people," said Marty Coalson, president-ShipCarsNow. "Commitment to creating customer value is the foundation of our business as a Union Pacific Railroad subsidiary. By doing what we say, setting the right expectations and competing effectively, ShipCarsNow will continue providing reliable service to our customers." Read More »