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The Multi-Modal Experience.

With multi-modal auto transport, cars are moved using a combination of shipping modes, including:

  • Rail

  • Truck

  • Driveaway

Multi-modal shipping is a cost-effective way to move volumes of vehicles longer distances, helping customers reach more markets without increasing transportation costs or sacrificing profits.

Discover The Difference

Loup makes auto transport easy by bundling the most effective modes into a single, seamless solution.

We do all the work so you don't have to.

Loup coordinates your entire shipment from door to door, including local pick-up, enclosed auto transport by rail and final delivery. As always, shipment status and ETA are available 24/7 on our website. Our operations team monitors every shipment in progress to ensure reliable delivery.

From trucks to trains, one thing remains the same: we’ll do whatever it takes to provide you with a worry-free shipping solution. We do all the work so you don’t have to.

  • Contact us

  • We find the right truck/rail combo for your needs

  • A car hauler picks up your vehicles and transports them to a rail ramp

  • Vehicles are carefully loaded onto rail cars

  • Vehicles are transported in fully enclosed rail cars for the long haul

  • Vehicles are safely unloaded from rail cars

  • Vehicles are delivered damage-free by truck or driveaway service

  • Vehicles are sold in high-profit markets, improving your bottom line

Multi-modal options

Every customer has unique needs. Some may need door-to-door service. Others may have already contracted out part of the move. Whatever your situation, Loup works with you to find the best option.

Auto transport options we offer include:

  • Door-to-Door The full service option, which includes pick-up, delivery and everything in between.

  • Ramp-to-Door You deliver cars to the origin rail ramp, then we take over.

  • Door-to-Ramp Loup picks up your cars at your door, then delivers those cars to the destination rail ramp where you retrieve the vehicles.

  • Ramp-to-Ramp The rail-only option, where Loup handles the rail portion and you handle the rest.

To find the best solution for your business, contact a sales rep.

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