No One Likes Claims — Here's How to Avoid Them

Released April 27, 2016 Article

No one wants to have a vehicle arrive damaged — or be held responsible for repair costs. Whether you're making a claim or paying one, claims simply aren't any fun.

When it comes to used vehicles, claims can be even more difficult. Because remarketed vehicles may already have some wear and tear, damage incurred during transport can be more difficult to substantiate. That's why we're proactive about reducing claims.

What We Do to Prevent Claims

Here's what we do to help everyone avoid those pesky claims:

  • We work with our customers to prevent damage during transport from happening in the first place.
  • Truck drivers are required to inspect vehicles prior to loading and departing a facility.
  • Driveaway employees are also required to inspect vehicles prior to driving them from one location to another.
  • Every time a vehicle is handed off between two carriers, we require a mandatory interchange inspection.
  • We require our carriers to undergo regular safety audits to ensure they're complying with vehicle handling guidelines.

This chain of accountability is extremely important in resolving claims fairly and efficiently. Safety is our number one priority, and we expect our carriers to make it their priority, too.

What You Can Do

As our customer, you can take steps to help ensure the safety of your vehicles during transport and avoid the hassle of filing a damage claim, too:

  • Inspect each vehicle prior to transport and record any existing damage.
  • Keep the record of that inspection on file; occasionally, we will need your inspection document and photos to verify the vehicle's original condition prior to shipping.
  • Do not allow a carrier to leave with a load of your vehicles without indicating preexisting damage and getting your agent's signature on the Bill of Lading/Proof of Delivery. If exceptions are noted, they must be verified before the vehicle is moved.

Working together, we'll keep your vehicles safe and your time focused on more profitable ventures than filing damage claims. If you have questions about our claims process or preventing damage, contact your sales rep.